Green field after revegetation in Queensland

Hydromulching Services

Hytek Hydromulch Pty Ltd offers a complete revegetation and erosion control service through spraying a combination of mulch, seed, fertiliser, a binder and soil nutrients to give the seed the best chance of germination and long term growth. 

Hytek Hydromulch Pty Ltd, Queensland, blends considerable hands on experience with innovative, yet practical technologies to offer a comprehensive menu of services.

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Water Truck Hire

Hytek has a 15,000 litre water truck with remote controlled cannon plus side and rear sprays for hire, driver included.

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Our services

We offer our customers services that are tailored to their needs and that are practical and cost effective. Get the most value from your land and discover its full potential.

  • Revegetation
  • Erosion control
  • Grass growth
  • Water maintenance
  • Water truck hire with cannon spray
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About us

Hytek Hydromulch Pty Ltd is made up of a team that knows its way around the land rehabilitation business.

We undertake to carry out our business practices in an environmentally responsible manner and we continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

We provide services to construction or landscaping companies who desire a good rate of grass growth, in the short term, and also for long lasting grass, shrubs or trees sustainability.